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  2. Yeah, definitely looking forward to it. Official XBOX Magazine did a little piece about it. Sounds pretty cool. They've made some changes to the game from Halo's of the past and it doesn't necessarily sound like you'll be facing off against the Covenant this time. It is kind of awesome to think that there might be a new enemy though. Killing Brutes, Grunts, Elites and Flood is cool but it kind of sounds like there will be a new threat. I do hope the Arbiter plays a role, he's a pretty cool character.

  3. There'll be a new enemy. They're keeping it secret until next month most likely at E3. ;)

    But, i think Arbiter will be in there and also we'll be fighting the Covenant, just not as much as Frankie says in the video :)
  4. Halo is great in all, but playing all of the games from the start to Reach, I really don't feel like this will be any better...They are stuck on ideas so it looks like they are reverting back to the old battle rifle and no real health bars....The next thing is probably adding jump height...Even the campaign looks kinda sucky...I feel the same with the bf's and mw's...black ops is original, but wtf no quickscope? might as well be diggy diggy hole the extended version as a game... XD
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  5. Cant judge a game until you play it!
    And also, Reach was before ALL of the halo games. it was a prequel to combat evolved. How it all started.
    How are they stuck on ideas when there's a lot of new stuff being added to it? And obviously the BR is going to be in there, it was new to the halo world in halo 3 and H4 is only a couple years after 3. Also, more weapons added because of the new enemy.

    How do you know the campaign is "sucky" when no one really knows about it? The only thing i know, is there's going to be a new enemy.
  6. Yup, most games turn out much worse then you thought they would be.
  7. True that.
  8. It's worse when, after a few years, you go back and try to play those games again. You feel like you must have been high the whole time you played them.
  9. Look at my profile pic.
  10. First of all, I love Halo. It's Microsoft's gaming mascot, it launched the Xbox into the world and it will remain as one of my most favourite game franchises. Much more than that, the Halo universe is in my opinion one of the greatest works of science fiction in general. In fact, all I have ever really cared about from any Halo title is the story and I love exploring the extended universe through various media.

    With that said, I have many gripes about Halo 4, the first of which is my opinion that there should not have even been a Halo 4. Several years ago, Frank O'Connor confirmed that Halo would be a trilogy, but it would be just one story arc in a much larger circle of games. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to learn what is happening with Master Chief, but there's so much more to the story which has yet to be explored, such as past events from the Covenant's perspective. But I can live with that, any Halo game is exciting.

    EDIT: Halo 4 was confirmed as being the first installation of a new trilogy.

    After the demonstration at E3, a few more things have struck me the wrong way. Throughout the Halo trilogy, one consistent theme is that Master Chief never talks while you are playing, because you are assuming his identity. Now, he is chatting away with Cortana like you're just hitching a ride in his helmet.

    I think 343 are trying a bit too hard to compete with Mass Effect 3, which is entirely unnecessary. Apparently this new "race" is called Promethean. Really? Prothean, Promethean, Prometheus. Also the light rifle he picks up, noted as being Forerunner design, bears a striking resemblance to the Prothean particle rifle. To be fair though, the Protheans and Forerunner are designed with a very similar visual aesthetic.

    Change is good, but not if it's only for the sake of changing. The story has always been able to justify minor changes and additions in the games, such as the upgrade from Mark V to Mark VI armour and the battle rifle, but why does the same Mark VI suit that MC entered the cryo chamber with look so different? I'm not against graphical upgrades, but artists can get carried away and he now no longer has that iconic look. In addition, the square scope on the battle rifle doesn't make any sense, some things don't need to change just to convince people it's a new game.

    But like I said before, all that matters to me personally is the story. As long as they're able to keep it interesting and yet sensible, I'll be glad.
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  11. You sir, are a smart man.
  12. Have you ever read the books? lol
  13. I have read all the novels except Cole Protocol and Cryptum. If there is anything in those which tie into Halo 4, which obviously are not spoilers, then please enlighten me.