Halloween Witch Hunt! 25k Reward!

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  1. Hey guys, I think it's time to start a Halloween event :)
    Today, we'll be hunting witches! To get in that spooky mood, I want someone to find me a witch hut.
    The first one to find one, PM me the coordinates, and prove that it's a real witch hut will win 25k.
    So explorers, get hunting! First to find the witches gets the prize! :D
  2. Aren't these like the rarest biome you can ever find (swamp) and then the super small chance of finding a hut in the farm (rarer)?

    I don't even know of any that have existed on any server, except for ONE on smp2. So theres 9 outposts per server, 10 servers, which means 90 regions, and one which hut. 1.1111111111% chance that you would find a hut within 10,000 blocks of any given outpost lol
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  3. I found 2 within 2,000 blocks of each other
  4. Eh, I'm only looking for one. And Haro, the chances might be low, but live map and (hopefully) a number of people searching should increase the chances.
  5. Witch huts are fairly common if you actually look around and explore occasionally.
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  6. Dang i know were one is.... Need to get to it...