Halloween @ The Shard-2585 SMP1

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  1. Hello there, EMC!

    As you well know, Halloween is approaching fast. We're going to celebrate Minecraft style - in a partially finished skyscraper. :D That partially finished skyscraper is called The Shard, and it's at 2585 on SMP1. I'll be using Floor 2 as a Halloween celebration room. The festivities will include:
    • A drop party
    • Raw sugar
    • EMC celebrities (hopefully)
    • An auction for one of the three Space Trio books signed by me-this will be done via forums. I will come to your home server and sign it due to the book-vault bug.
    • Even more... Can YOU think of any ideas? If so, post it here and if I like it, it will be put here and you will be credited.
    The exact date is not set, but it won't be on actual Halloween. Not only is it dead in the middle of the school/work week and there's handing out candy and trick-or-treating, there's a limited thing going on with those dragons down there in my sig. I'm not going to go into detail here.

    I highly recommend you wear a costume skin... this is a Halloween party, of course!

    Disclaimer: If SMP1 fills like it did for the drop party on SMp7 earlier today, I can't do anything unless we have a kind admincow on our side.
  2. How about a skin contest?
  3. Hmm... I'll think about that. I'll already be giving a lot away (with my 14K rupees. ;))
  4. what about a building contest?
  5. You're a zombie fodder..like me.

    I'm also doing something like this, and i'm going to attend yours :D