Halloween Hunt

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hash98, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Since it is getting to be Halloween,
    I want to do a Monster Hunt supported by the
    Red Wolves. This monster hunt will take place on Halloween,
    or sometime close to Halloween. Everyone who participates
    will get multiple items. The first ten people get and iron sword
    and all the other items.
    Items givin to you:
    Jack o lantern
    Rotten Flesh
    A tour to the Blue Wolf Prison
    A random gift(This will range anywhere
    from raw pork to diamonds!)
    All you have to do is join The Blue Wolves
    and go on the Monster Hunt!
    Happy Halloween!
    If you have any questions just ask me on
    post below. I hope many of you will join.:)
  2. I think this is a good idea but, we don't want people joining for incentives.
  3. No fluff, people will only be approved by me if they can go on the hunt(unless they are a current Red Wolf member). I will ask them a series of multiple questions to determine if they truly want to be a Red Wolves Member. If they pass the questions I will send them to you for official joining of The Red Wolves. Reminder: The first ten people to post that they want to join or something in relation to that on this post will get a free iron sword for the hunt.( This does not apply to the current Red Wolves Members.) To receive your free items ask me when you are on EMC. You will then take a multiple question test to prove that you want to be a Red Wolves Member. If you pass you will be given the prizes after the hunt(exept for the sword, that will be given to you right before the hunt.) This provents scandalist. Plz think about joining the RED Wolves. Happy Halloween.
  4. Oh ok I revoke my earlier statement.
  5. calm hash
  6. If anyone wants to do this fun activity please post on this page or tell me on the actual server.:) Remember the first ten people who join the hunt get a free iron sword!!!
  7. now if only i was on earlier...
  8. Yah we never officially did this...it was cancelled due to technical problems with my comp.
  9. lol wow i feel bad for you!