Halloween Event! - Needs anyone from organizers to builders, to knowledgeable helpers!

Discussion in 'Players for Hire' started by Foxy_Kitty, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. Hello and thank you for looking at this long text, but help is, and I quote, NEEDED!
    So, let me explain first. Hi, I am Foxy, a normal but not-so-normal player, and I want to host my first event on EMC!
    I have put lots but little thought in many places as to where and when, and of course, what. But I have concluded, "I am a still-developing player and need many, many players to make this EMC's best event (and maybe the only) from me, Foxy!"
    ORGANIZERS! - I will need a team of organizers to figure out what games we will play, how long to host, and anything extra needed! (will be up to about 5 players).
    BUILDERS! - Believe it or not, I have a plan. I can't but I will call myself a talented builder, and I hope to help this team with building a "haunted mansion". There are going to be a few assignments chosen by the one and only, organizing team. People here will have to be on a lot, like me. You will also have to be a good builder, and willing to build anything from games and pixels, to mansions and plants. (doesn't have a limit, but if we do get a lot, you will be assigned work places probably.)
    CO-HELPER! - If you choose to try out for this job, you have to be on almost half a day every day. You will catch me on smp2 almost every day after 3 on weekdays, and all day on weekends, as I have a love for EMC. I need someone who is willing to work a little on everything along with me who will be able to drop whatever they are doing to help with this event. I am also new to the forums and may also need some help there too, haha! I may sound like I am over emphasizing, but I hope to find someone willing enough to help me this much!
    A PLOT!!! - I hope to find someone with a plot on utopia so we will be able to build and fly, but a normal plot will do as well. If we cannot find anyone willing to donate a plot for this event and keep the building there, then I may buy one, or put it on my own alt's plot that is completely empty due to a DDTT, haha. If there is anyone out there with an empty plot, I encourage you to donate it if you aren't using it, because as of right now i do not have enough to buy my own.
    EDIT: Please Read the NEWS messages by me for further info, otherwise feel free to ask away!
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  2. Thank you for reading my thread! I may come up with more jobs, but I encourage you to come up with any ideas for this possible upcoming Halloween event!
  3. The date will be further chosen closer to halloween, 5 months from now. Also, anyone who wants to donate to any other things going on during the event, go to /v 4819. There is a bunch of donation boxes there to put anything for the listed games/events to hopefully go on. Also, bring a piece of paper with your name and put it in a chest if you donated! I want to know who you are!
  4. I really doubt that I need the costume but my ideas aren't original
  5. Anyone who wants to help just start a separate conversation saying what team you would like to work on, or anything else. Thanks and spread the news!
  6. So would you like to help out? If so, what would you want to help ou with, if anything specific. Thanks!
  7. NEWS: We are going to host the event at /v 5862 or /v +Halloween or /v +FoxyHollow (what i am hoping to call the event. Thank you to everyone who wants to help out and to those who have donated!
    Speaking of which, I really need building supplies and rupees to get them, and I need everyone's help. Games prizes will be further looked into, but i was hoping to get some pretty cool prizes like some promos or any kind of voucher.
    -Thanks as always, Foxy.
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