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should there be a costume contest as well?

Poll closed Nov 3, 2014.
awwwww yeah 3 vote(s) 37.5%
heck no! 2 vote(s) 25.0%
maybe, just maybe (please dont choose this) 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. Hey everyone,
    man_bear_pig_ here

    Many of you know ive been gone a couple months from EMC. however! i love to do drop parties!

    WHERE: smp7 15248 (the man-bear residence of course!)
    WHEN: october 31, 2014 (halloween friday)
    WHO: me and all of you of course!
    WHY: because its halloween!

    Should take place around 2pm pacific time (man bear resides in california) for time conversions please ask someone more adapt in those matters then me because trust me i have no clue.

    The drop party will (hopefully) take place in the underground room i found benieth my res yesterday because its totally awesome, all it needs right now is the droppers which i will install by the party dont worry mates.

    There will be two waves, the first wave will be generic ( flesh, a few heads, pumpkins jack o lanterns ect.) upon the first wave there will be a select amount of books being despenced. Those are the valuble items because those are your tickets into the second wave that will take place about 10 minutes after the first this drop wave will have the better items ( more heads , jack o lanterns, about a dc + of potions, haunted candy, emeralds, and even a couple dragon shards)

    notice: only one ticket(book) per person. the reason there is 10 minutes between the drop parties is to allow patrons to empty their inventories for the 2nd wave and to sort out amongst yourselves trades. in event that do you end up with more then one ticket please give it/them away or sell at your own costs.

    oops sorry for all the words:eek: happy halloween guys<3:cool:

    p.p.s the room i found has these random note blocks so i got the idea that i need a dj, inbox me or comment below if youre up for the job! pays about 1k (wage negotiable) whaaaat.gif *
    *** bump the drop party is being moved to 2:30 pacific time most likely there were technical difficulties
  2. I'll be there!

    Also, I chose maybe because I'm a rebel :cool:
  3. omg you would:eek:
  4. By DJ, do you just mean insert music discs? Cuz' I'm all in fo' dat' (OH MY GOD so many grammatical errors in there! ;_; ) I could do that if you want, and 1k is fine :) Also, make sure the things are droppers for the party, or else those potions will splash on impact :p

    EDIT: I'll be at a robotics meeting, curse you educational competitions :( Oops, thought the poll was if I was going to go or not, disregard my vote :p

  5. Robotics meeting on Halloween:confused:? Are you building Satan robots.....
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  6. Yes.
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  7. clarification : you cannot dj?
  8. Unfortunately not :(
    Darn you robotics >.<