Halion [A Minecraft Map by Gazamo]

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  1. Halion is Minecraft map by the Gazamo build team. It's been known as their biggest build so far with over 190 millions blocks, and it took them almost 10 months to build! There used to have been a download link right in the video's description, but I found another other website that has a download link for it.

    Due to this build size, I got too overwhelmed to explore the entire map!:eek:

    *In the video, can you find the aphorism and explain its meaning?*

    Gazamo's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GazamoNetwork?feature=watch

    Map Download:http://www.minecraftexe.com/halion-map
    *It's recommended to play this map on "peaceful" difficulty if you don't want mobs to disturb you.

    Recommended Texture Pack:http://resourcepack.net/atherys-ascended-resource-pack/
  2. This is amazing!
    Im going to spend ages looking around this place. :D
    Thanks for showing me this.
    Edit: If you can tell me the resource pack for this map ill thank you even more. :p
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  3. Gazamo builds most of their projects in A'therys Ascended. I would recommend to use it for their builds. I'll edit the top post to make the link's title more clear.
  4. Oh my god that was beautiful, the music just made it even more magical
    All original as well, and by such a small team! Amazing!
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  5. Thanks for the share! I will have to see how it looks in good old Vanilla!
  6. I prefer to use A'thery's Ascended more than Vanilla because a lot of blocks blend better, and the contrast isn't as dramatic.;)
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  7. For some reason... this reminds me a skyrim... well... now gonna waste my day on skyrim...
  8. I understand you partially; Halion's architecture is mostly medieval, like how Skyrim is.
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