Hai ... Still waiting to join server ;)

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  1. Hello,

    I was on yesterday, playing late into the night. Rather addictive game.
    I cant help but notice while i sit here waiting to get on the server that there was 45 / 45 .... then 46 / 45 .. then 47 / 45... It's going the wrong waaay!! :'( lol.

    Happy Crafting.
  2. This is due to the fact that the standard slots were full and supporters joined in as well. This will not change. The cap is 45/45 free slots which can be filled by any member, however, once the cap hits 45/45, no other free players may join. However, an indefinite number of supporters could still join in. This is a perk given for paying to keep this server alive. It is not mandatory, and there are many moments where free players may join, it is only a matter of the time you choose and the amount of member who choose to join as well. Find a balance, it is always fluctuating. :)
  3. im having the same situation, but thanks for explaining that^^
  4. Welcome to the Empire!

    I solved this by becoming a supporter... if it is as addictive as you say, dropping a fiver their way for the month can't be such a bad thing :) I don't regret it for a moment - I get more rupees a day AND I get on whenever I like, no server slots to worry about ;)
  5. Whatever you feel comfortable with doing. Not everyone can/will pay to play a server, no matter how fun the community. This is solely an option. :) Glad to see you enjoy yourself enough to even consider any amount of support. :)
  6. I am working as a volunteer in Peru and need to "get away" every once in a while. I used to be an avid mmo gamer back in the States and this server really scratches that itch perfectly.

    I think the part that really made me decide to support was the community. I love how everyone is so helpful and nice and the moderators actually do a wonderful job keeping the spam under control. I saw the graveyard of banned members and pretty much fell in love :) haha
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  7. The Empire graveyard is a large collaboration effort partly from the moderators and administrators. I do not know the exact persons but I know it took only a single day. :) Very nice work was done to it. Now it just gets updated each time another "member" is permanently banned.
  8. Wow! One day for all that? Very impressive.

    Also, may I say the tutorial was a very nice touch. I really liked how it sent me to the website and got me immediately interested in how this server is different from the dozens of others I have tried (and hated).
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  9. I am awesome cause I referred this guy here, just had to get that out :').
  10. Haha, She did indeed.

    And it is the best server i've come across.
    The setup works so well.
  11. Dark_Liz was the genius that created the graveyard, AusQB also helped. Me and GameKribJim helped evaluate the design. It was really an awesome project to see being built, and I loved helping Liz out by voicing my ideas for it.

    Keep Building!