Hai! new member here, looking forward to having new friends and Utopia Bunkmates

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  1. hi guys i joined this server smp2 9 days ago but im new to this forum only today, i made alot great friends in smp2, well im from singapor:D greetings, as im a diamond supporter i jus claimed 5100 in utopia server, havent built in there unlike smp2, well some of u from smp2 may have know me alr, im greatly open to Bunkmates and Best friend cum Crafting partner, espacially in Utopia server the res is very big and i dont know where to start, feel free to ask me for a use flag in utopia, i would gladly accept it;) u dont have worry about rupees, they will be supplied daily for my besties :) cheers
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  2. .. Bunkmate?

  3. Welcome to EMC
  4. Welcome! Please be careful about giving out use or any other flags for you residences. A lot of times players are griefed by people they trusted and regret it later :(
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  5. Welcime to the Empire!! I hope to see you sometimes on smp2.