Hai Everyone :D

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  1. My name is Spencer IRL, which heavily related to my username, Spencter... So its kinda obvious what my real name is :p. I love this server with so much passion. I started making a castle on my residence, right next to my friends giant tree, which has yet to turn into anything other than a stump xD. Anyways just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Spencer, I love minecraft, and I'd love to meet you guys in game, come see my residence, its 1800!

    Thanks guys :D!
  2. Great to have you Spencter, and thanks for introducing yourself. I will check out your res next time I am on smp1
  3. A new resident on smp1 ? Welcome to our little bit of Empire, Spencter ;) I'll drop by one of these days. 1800 is a nice number.
  4. Nice number you catch there :D Have alot of fun on this server so as i have...
  5. Yeah I love the number, its perfect for other peoples visit, my friends and I have a joke which is like "DIAL ONE EIGHT HUNDRED AND *etc...*" Its fun :p Thanks for your responses.
  6. No proplem and come to smp2 to check my awesome house
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  7. Welcome Spencter, glad to have you! :)
  8. welcome to the server!
  9. Oh haha, I've been on the server for several months now, I justo wanted to post something to let people know who I am :)
  10. Nice to meet you! I'm Strawberrys13 :3 It's kind of obvious, but anyway. :) Nice to meet you! :D Merry Christmas!
  11. Nice to meet you on the forums spencter. Hope to see you on the server, i frequent smp1 very often.
  12. Thanks :) Hope to see you too.
  13. Merry Christmas! Nice to meet you too :)!
  14. Welcome to the empire spencter :p
  15. :)