Hadekai taking a break

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  1. Hadekai has asked me to inform everyone that he is taking a break away from EMC for a while. He wanted to thank everyone who played with him for making it a fun place to play.

    Responsible replies are welcome.
  2. Its true I wish everyone a goodbye and help this server become the best on Minecraft while I am gone. BTW Carl, The Smp4 Mascotte is now M.I.A :(
  3. Nice of you to post this for them jff :)

    I hope you return! I never got to know you, but hopefully if you return we can have a conversation :)
  4. I am only leaving EMC for a little bit, but I will make my decision to to get back on EMC soon. Thanks For The Reply Infinite! When I do get back on I would be glad to have a conversation with you too!
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  5. On another note though, I hope you have fun and remember to come back :)
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