Hack's Florist Service

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  1. Hi :)
    I have a new business for you!
    With the new 1.7.2 update, many new flowers were brought into the amazing EMC world.
    Hack's Florist Service sells some of these flowers plus a few other old flowers plus other nature things!
    An official store will be opened soon but for now either post orders on here or send PM to me!
    Delivery will cost an additional 500r. If not delivery pickup will be at 621 on Smp1!

    Order Form:

    Order: (Flower and Amount)
    Final Price:
    Delivery (opt.):

    Here are our prices! In addition also selling seeds: 1000r a DC

    Rose Bush - SC: 1250r DC: 5000r
    Lilac - SC: 1250r DC: 2500r
    Poppy - SC: 1000r DC: 2000r
    Dandelion - SC: 1000r DC: 2000r

    Sunflower - SC: 1500r DC: 3000r

    Peony - SC: 1250r DC: 2500r
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  2. IGN: lameidl
    Order: (Flower and Amount) Lilac DC
    Final Price: 2500r
    Delivery (opt.): N/A
  3. Ok, ready for pickup, 621 Smp1, pay 2500r please.
  4. Thats freakin fast... Okay.
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  5. U got a problem with it being fast? lolol :D
  6. Picked up.
  7. IGN: TigerstarMC
    Amount: just wondering, could I get 4 and a half stacks for 250r? :p
    Final price: If so 250r
    EDIT: Sunflower
  8. Which flower would you like?
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  9. Ok, sunflower pickup smp1 621 :)
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  10. Full stock right now. Flowers on a great sale.
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  11. Just restocked again after a few more sales... :)
    Also, if you have feedback on the prices, please please please, let me know
  12. IGN:Ruari342
    Order: Rose Bush SC
    Final Price:1250r
  13. Alright, please pay and pickup at 621 on smp1 :)
  14. Bump! Get cheap flowers!
  15. Can you give me a list of all the two high flowers sorry :p
  16. Rose bush, peony, lilac, sunflower...would u like to make an order
  17. IGN-JZH1000
    Item-Sc Lilacs
    Final Price-1250r
  18. Ok, ready for pickup JZH :)
  19. Possibly sometime, yes.