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  1. Hi,

    I recently started playing on smp4. My daughter, Magisis, created an account today and played for a bit. She was running around checking out the town, and said she was kicked offline and saw a brief message flash that said something about "Hacking?"

    I didn't see her monitor and don't know what was going on.

    Neither of us use any mods at all. We have different computers (mine new, hers several years old), and use the same internet at the same time (fast cable).

    What was that about, can anyone tell me? Thanks!
  2. hi its nothing to be worried about it does it once i believe when you first run it happened to me a week ago and hasnt happened since im sure its fne though :)
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  3. Yeah, that's a general Minecraft error. Could be a few things. One is if you fall to fast somewhere or if there's a weird lag that happens. Another thing is if someone removes the move permission for their res and you're on it, it would kick you for that as well. The "hacking" error is what Minecraft calls it, not us, haha.
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  4. Yup nothing to worry about, this is part of the Minecraft game not something we control :)
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  5. What I have noticed causes this error the most - when you are running and 'attempt' to enter a residence that has denied access.

    Also, unrelated, but a bug I found earlier. Do NOT try to /town from in a boat. Bad juju and a sure way to lose inventory.