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  1. I hate hackers! I have been hacked from my rare chest and the hacker stoll my,
    Silk touch, Unbreaking III, efficiency IV diamond pick!
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  2. I don't think that will really do anything, they might give the usual reply of "We don't give items, it's unfair" since that's policy.

    1. Check to see if anyone had permissions on your residence to your chests.
    If it was in the wilderness then you should have locked your chest.
    2. Make sure you're on the right server/It's not in vault or something.
    3. I've seen in threads that people were running into a glitch that items and materials were vanishing since the update.
  3. Its probably just the chest glitch.
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  4. Ummm hackers hacked into my chest too. They stole, umm, 20 stacks of diamonds?
  5. Oh gosh, that sucks:( But its not hackers, sometimes the chests seem to go back in time:(
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  6. Fell for it :D
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  7. Them dum did freaky-deaky haxxors! They dun did it again! Imma take out me shotgun an show em' a lil' lesson.
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  8. that must really suck having your items stolen right from under your nose.
  9. It does feel bad
  10. You lot are popping up everywhere.
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  11. You should lock your chests by putting 'lock' on a sign above it, that way no one can access it but you. it's your fault for not securing your belongings really, and EMC has no block logs apart from any fire/lava damage sadly.
  12. I wish we new who are the hackers
  13. It was the Pandas, Cakes, Biscuits, Crazies, Mysteries.
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  14. How about the Creepers?
  15. They are huggers.
  16. Hugging teh chest will break it and theyre stealing the items. <--------- Hacker
  17. Are you suggesting that if I find an unlocked chest in the Wild, I'm within my rights to peek inside and take what's in it? I'll never get used to this. It's like telling a rape victim y'all wuz dressin' too sexy.
  18. Exactly, its like blaming a robber victim for having on a black ski mask.
  19. Perhaps more like blaming a robbery victim for having money.

    I've seen the same thing happen with someone griefed in the Wild. They get: Well, geez you idiot, don't you know better than to build anything nice out there?

    The message that presents to me is maybe people think it IS ok to grief and steal in the Wild. I'm not one of them. If I gather materials and put them in a chest or construct a particular combination of blocks out there, it's mine. Keep your paws off it.
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