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  1. there is a hacker trolling me and my friend he somehow he is invisible and can access are chests and destroy are land he has been destroying things like my farm and stealing from chests he has also been putting a face in the ground on are land, he is now following us to wideness and poring lava down are mine shaft and killing us. sometimes he destroys stuff rite in front of us and we just cant see him.
  2. Next time bring this to a moderator directly in a Private Message.
    Click their Screen Name and the Start a conversation to do so.

    What is this individual's screen name so that something can be done?
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  3. Get in touch with an admin or mod, click on members and then staff, on the right will be a list of who is online.
    Also when this happens again get the live map up, maybe you will be able to see his name on there.
    Hope this gets sorted asap as it must be very frustrating for you, don't give up, the mods and admins will sort it out.
  4. i dont no what the persons name is it doesn't come up and i haven't given anyone permission to my land apart from my friend who is next to me and its happening to him to the hacker has just wrote leave in my garden
  5. That's completelly weird, i think that you don't need a moderator or senior mod, is something that goes up to admins, i believe this tipe of hacks are completelly specific, we are talking about someone that is not sending and sending some packs at the same time, weird.
  6. i dont no what hes doing but it is really annoying he has stole 10 diamond from me and my friend THOMASHARRY
  7. Please do not come here and claim hoaxes. You have no real evidence. You have only been here 8 days. I do not trust what you have told me. Upon full inspection of both you and ThomasHarry, I am implementing a 3 day ban for your anti-semetic comments and this hoax.
    Please refrain from this action any further, or it will result in a permanent ban.
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  8. i am offline because when i am online this hacker just's destroys stuff i dont want anything back i just want him gone this person has been doing this for days go to my house look at it the garden is destroyed look in my basement and my farm all destroyed i can promise you this is no hoax
  9. To solve this would have been simple

    "/res set move false" xP
  10. If he was able to possibly hack and break items on other peoples residents I am sure he would go to someones resident with diamond blocks floating about or something more valuable.
  11. this person is a hacker he was destroying things in front of me but i just cant see him
  12. he has stolen are diamond he is just griefing are land he wrote leave in my garden
  13. it sounds like a personal attack, not someone wanting valuables.

    sounds pretty serious. hope it gets sorted out for you :)
  14. I would also like to add that nodus is specific hacking and griefing client software and is definately not approved for use on EMC.
    I recommend removing this mod prior to coming back.
  15. who has what? :confused: I am confused ._.
  16. i think they're using their mod superpowers to get to the bottom of it. so it looks a little funny for us. i guess they have it under control :)
  17. Superpowers = WINNING :D
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  18. Sorry, to explain my out of the blue comments, the initial screenshots that were posted contained information indicating it was a modded client taking the screenshots, which I suspect is why the poster deleted them.
  19. ok clark kent. i'll believe your logical explanation. :)
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  20. i looked it up and its for admin only so its a hack mabe an old admin or somethin