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  1. Hey guys,
    is anyone here good at writing lyrics? if so can you pleaseeeeeeee comment or let me know i really need some help right now on a project :S
  2. What kind of 'project'?
    Are we talking homework help or what?
  3. Sorta its a biology project i have to come up with my part in a song and its realllly hard to me those things just dont come to me, the song is "Teach me how to dougie full version" i have to replace the words from the 3rd verse all the way to the end with biology stuff about an animal cell... like the organelles in the cell and what they do and stuff like that. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated <3
  4. What grade?
  5. 10th, why?
  6. Because I'm in 8th, so it probably wouldn't be appropriate for me to help you ;)
    Please post the link for the song, I'll consider it.
  7. <---- The Song

    Verse 3 in the song to the end.<------- Lyrics i have to change to something about an animal cell the beats and everything have to be pretty much the same im still working on it i just need a little help on it :S

    Things that have to be in the song, Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, Cell Membrane, Lysosome, and Ribosome. it needs to say all of them and there function and shape. PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN
    i will pay anythingggggggg :S
  8. The language isn't really appropriate here, I'm no mod but I'll ask you to remove the swearing.

    So your teacher gave you that song, with all those swear words, to write a science song? :confused: Seems legit.
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  9. Whoops my bad :S i forgot about that i just copy and pasted :c
    And yes, i have to do that song. i cant change it. it SUCKS :S
  10. Thanks for changing it :)
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