guy says im wrong with this price

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  1. so i made a diamond pick with unbreaking 3 efficiency 4 and silk touch, im selling it at my res for 5k.

    a guy on my server says i should sell it for only a couple hundred.

    he says that 1.3 changed the values of items but come on, for all that, i would shell out more than a couple hundred rupees
  2. thats worth about 5k stay strong some one will buy it
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  3. lol now the kid keeps telling people its a rip off whenever i town chat that i am selling it
  4. /ignore him , and explain politly that it is in his opinion..
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  5. will do, i think im gonna post it on the sales forum,
  6. I bet he is seriously trying to get you to lower the price to that because he is too tight to pay the full price.
    BTW, your profile pic, I loved that show lol.
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  7. Part of it is /the recent influx of regular Silk Touch I Pickaxes through villager trading. But it IS different. 5000 would be the priceI would sell it for, but not much more.
  8. This sounds like harassment to me.

    If he doesn't like the price he should just not buy it, or try to negotiate something you are both happy with. The price is whatever you and someone is willing to exchange it for, period.
  9. You can sell it for 1mil or 1rupee. That dude can't control what you want for your stuff, you are the owner of the stuff then it's YOUR prices. So only rights he has is to buy it or not.
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  10. The pick could go for 6K easy if you ask me.
  11. Wonder who said it should be sold for 5k... he.. he... um...
    On topic: JUst tell him it's his opinion and if he thinks it should be less, then he should sell it for less.
  12. Sigh I brought it for 5k then gave the pick away..
  13. *Shakes head*
  14. I think he was just trying to scam you by buying it if it was a few hundered. :p
  15. I hate to be the party pooper here, but I've been having a lot of trouble moving enchanted pickaxes for 5k, sometimes I'm lucky if I get 2-3k for them on some days. Those "rare" enchants are not so hard to come by anymore :(

    Times, they are a changin' ...
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  16. I sold a Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Pick for 3k.
    It took me 4 days of advertising to get a buyer.
  17. I think triple and quad enchant items should still go for around the prices they used to. Even since 1.3 I'd be at my grinder for several hours every few days. I've enchanted almost 30 items at level 30 each time, and most of them have been single enchants. I've only gotten a triple enchant 3 times so far. I would have paid the 5k for that pickaxe.
  18. Just ignore him and he'll go away :p
  19. If it's not worth 5k, it's certainly not worth a couple 100. :confused: