Guy is keep on being greifed on smp 3

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Frodomann1, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Every time I come back there are blocks and stuff missing now my chest is ever gone!
  2. and we're supposed to...?
  3. I'm not even sure what you are saying/asking exactly. Maybe clear up some of that for us.
  4. I mean I keep getting griefed in smp 3 there is supposed to be some sort of protection against that right?
  5. First do /res default this will make sure you wont get griefed in Town(It will remove all flags that might be mistakenly given), NOT in the wild or nether.
  6. In wild or town?

    If it's town type /res info while standing on it to find out who has permission, send screenshots to a moderator and they will investigate. Type /res default to clear permissions.

    If it's wild then nothing can be done unless you have screenshots of the griefing taking place.
  7. It doesn't seem that you have a residence in town so I assume that you are getting grieved in the wild. If that's the case there is, unfortunately, no way to stop whoever it is from grieving your house unless you get a screen shot of them doing so.
  8. As stated above :)
  9. Sorry, I was checking to see if he had a residence and hadn't refreshed the page by the time I got back. :p
  10. oh well it was the wild...
  11. Lock ur chests
  12. I just checked the live map and if where you are right now is where your base is then it is way too close to the outpost. You are actually inside the periodic reset area so I suggest moving at least 5000 blocks out to make your base to prevent grieving.