Gunpowder - 3456 of them (One Double-Chest Full) CLOSED

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  1. Greetings fellow miners,

    I have a Double-Chest of Gunpowder to auction. This gunpowder is 100% Organic being made from a darkroom spawner made only from naturally-occurring materials. The creepers who died to provide this to you, did so in a humane fashion, instantly, with no pain (I think).

    As you can see the Gunpowder has been packed nice and dry in a DC for you.

    The Details:
    • 3456 Gunpowder for auction (One Double-Chest Full as per above picture)
    • Starting bid - 5000r
    • Minimum bid increase - 500r.
    • Auction will end 36 hrs after last bid (exactly).
    • The winner will be able to pick up their delicious gunpowder at SMP2 Res 3296. Delivery to SMP1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 available free of charge.
    Thanks for looking. Thanks for bidding!

  2. wooo first 5000r
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  3. Shavingfoam is in the lead with 28ooor.

    Over 2000 Creepers gave up the ghost just to prepare this magnificent hoard! No doubt their sense of self worth will go up with each bid. ;)
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  5. Shavingfoam is in the lead at 30500r.

    Massive sheep farm bump

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  7. Alexchance has won. Thank you all for your bids.

  8. Paid, collected - thanks Curu :)
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