Gun laws in the U.S.A ( warning not meant for minors under 18 years of age)

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  1. I watched this and i have to say they better bring the army to take my guns away
  2. I know I'm sad. They are ruining gun sales in california. I have to get my dad to buy the guns out of state and transfer them to me to get the cool guns. :(
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  3. So their going to go every house in Texas to take are guns, Good luck with that ;)
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  4. this might give everyone a little bit more insight on the topic
  5. Damnit! I just bought like a case of guns from China. Nvm now :(, USA will not buy it :(
  6. "Hi there, we've come to take all your guns"
    "***** PLEASE" *fires off shotgun*
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  7. good thing im going to put these on my fence gate