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  1. Hi there, just wondering if theres a difference betweens a clan and a guild.. or faction for that matter. I hear metions of both and was wondering. Is there a forum thread containing info on clans/guilds? Like a FAQ or something? My ps3 clan has some members considering joining and having a clan detachment on empire, and Im in charge of information gathering. Any help/links?

    Also, this is off the main topic, but is there anyway to see a list of your flags and perms settings? Like who has what flags enabled/disabled? Something like /res flags list? Its not that I have a lot of people with perms or anything, but sometimes Im like.... DID I remove that flag or didnt I? It would be cool if there was a way to check.

    Thanks Guys!
  2. Different wild communities are calling themselves different things.In a gaming sense though clan/guild/squid/pack/etc is just a term for a community, but it varies from game to game.
  3. As a matter of fact there's no OFFICIAL statement on the introduction to EMC of the Clans/Guilds/Factions, However there's some that have been created as a "group of individuals using their right to get together and play"...

    Delta Team, Empire Guild to name some

    NOTHING stops you to create one, however there's no "support" from admins as in perks, protected areas or nothing on them, its just a "group of ppl playign together" IDK if i explained myself well

    EDIT: the answer to your "offtopic" question is /res info while standing in it
  4. Thanks, that pretty much answers my questions completely!

    I was thinking more about trying to all of us claim residences around each other.. kinda of run a "block", rather than setup in the wild. To ME, WILD=GRIEF
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  5. also if you are holding string just click on any block in that res it will show the info of that res. :)
  6. Seriously?! Are you messing with me? Or is that really true? Im gonna try it... u better not be pulling my leg...:)
  7. Ah -- I
    wondered why that kept happening to me ;)
  8. Many staff use it for quick residence checking. It's faster than typing /res info :)
  9. The Delta Team Is The Empire Guild (We Joined Up)
  10. I am one of these members he is talking about:)