Guild- Bravo Six

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  1. I wanted to create a guild, so here it is!

    To join the guild, do this application

    1. What are you best at (woodcutting, exploring, etc.)
    2. How long have you played Minecraft
    3. How long have you played on EMC
    4. Are you responsible?
    5. (optional) Age or Age Milestone (Young, Tween, Teen, Adult)?
    6. Home Server?
    7. What time zone do you live in?
    8. What times can you be online (In American Eastern Time, please translate if in different timezone)

    I will assign you a job according to that application.


    Leader- dmj654

    Head Miner-
    Head Builder-
    Head Hunter-
    Head Explorer-
    Head Woodcutter-
    Head Warrior-
    Head Fundraiser/Financial Advisor-
    Head Signature Maker-

    Members (Currently)


    Please put "Member (or head-something) of the Bravo Six Guild" in your signature
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  2. So many guilds now, lol
  3. what the..... this is the same as my guild!

  4. wow, nobody has applied yet, i feel sorry for dmj654
  5. .........
  6. ANYONE? wow, touch server....
  7. did you mean tough? XD