[Guide] Uploading a Video to EMC

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  1. I've seen this a few times and it's been explained but sometimes people still don't get it. Thought I'd make a guide to help out :D.

    Step one: Go to youtube and find the video that you want to post. You should then click the "Share" tab and see a short code to copy and paste. This is the code you want.

    This works for your own videos as well as other videos on youtube.

    Step Two: Go to the thread that you want to paste the video into. You should see the formatting bar above where you input text. You want to press the Film strip that says Media when you mouse over it.

    Step Three: You should then have a box pop up where you can paste your copied code.

    After pasting the code in press Embed and it should paste the code in for you. Now just type what you'd like or leave it at that and press Post Reply or Create Thread. Your video should appear there like so:

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  2. or...
    [media=youtube]INSERT CODE HERE[/media]
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  3. Protip: Check to see that it works before posting.
    1) Click "More Options..." (on the bottom right).
    2) Click "Preview..." (also bottom right).
    3) Each time you make an edit, click "Preview..." again. This shows the changes you've made.
    4) When you're done, click "Reply to Thread" (bottom left).
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  4. Well, that is the code that is produced, except that writing it out is a pain, I'm always forgetting a bracket here or there.
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  5. Instead of step one, couldn't you just copy the link of the video, and then continue on the rest of the steps?
  6. Yup.
    Edit: Depending on your browser. It may be easier to use the share option if using a phone, I don't know.
  7. I didn't even do CTRL-C CTRL-V
  8. I was trying to be helpful and do it the easy way.

    Thanks, I didn't think to add this :)

    I guess, but I was just posting what to do because people need help.
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  9. Not to mention that you need a clean link to the video, more often than not, it isn't, particularly if you are watching it in a playlist.
    That's nice.
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