[GUIDE] Tutorial - Installing 1.6 Mods

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  1. Courtesy of QuarterStop and a friend of his who made the tutorial. the new 1.6 launcher creates an easier method of having different profiles for Minecraft. So you can choose which set of mods you want installed each time you open the launcher.

    A basic prior knowledge of installing mods is still needed to installing mods in 1.6.
    Hope this gets you started :D
  2. Oh, I could of needed of this a few days ago.
    If I have one complaint of Mojang (one of my first), it's how awkward they made installing mods with the new launcher. And that's made worse with the fact that the new forge builds won't launch the game if the jar is edited in any way.
  3. Yeah, they could have (and should have) done a lot better job with the new launcher. Such as the fact it doesn't support multiple account logins. If you try to switch accounts without completely logging out and back in, in the launcher - it gives back a Bad Login message.
  4. Same with switching versions. It only then gives you the option of playing offline.
    Oh, and the fact that it can limit some people to how much memory they can allocate.
    But enough of that lol
  5. If you have any questions or problems with installing this, feel free to message me directly on empire or post on here I will check back every once and awhile and do what I can :)
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  6. Don't Want to use 1.6 launcher all the time? ... Ever use Magic Launcher? Here's the guide I made for it:

    Go to minecraft.net/download - Download latest version

    Install Minecraft

    Run the program

    Fill out information, and hit Play (Wait for it to finish afterwards then close) Once 1.6 launcher is finished after login, close and:
    If you don't have newest magic launcher go to steps 5 and 6
    If you do go to steps 7

    Search for Magic Launcher 1.1.6 and go to step 6 - or go Here

    Download MagicLauncher 1.1.6 (or if version updates, get latest)

    Once Magic Launcher is installed and running, Go to 'Setup'

    Click the 'new' button in the configuration screen (setup)

    Enter in any configuration name (I used 1.6 as my name) ... copy from 'select blank' (because 1.6 currently isn't compatible with most 1.5 mods)

    Click 'Select' to choose a jar file

    1.6.2 (or latest version) is located under 'versions' which is in .minecraft...
    in roaming... in appdata... under your name... under users ... which is in C: drive

    Select the latest .jar (in this case... 1.6.2) and click Open

    Before you Press 'Ok' - make sure Environment option is also set to the latest - which should be 1.6 or 1.6.2 ... then press Ok

    Make sure Configuration is what you named it (mine was 1.6) ... Fill out your username password... and login
    If you so happen to get 'can't reach server or login error' (play offline) then once it's loaded ... close magic launcher, bring it back up and then finally login.
  7. That makes my eyes hurt :p
  8. yeh i don't understand it - i even viewed the bb code editor and it only shows 1 of each (le cough* xenforo problems)
  9. Make a spoiler of the spoilers :p
  10. would you like me try to fix it?

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  11. nice - thanks
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  13. yea >_< That has been happening, and I even have different profiles for all my alts...
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial :)