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  1. Hi, it's me. W1ther. And this is my first guide to emc peeps
    This section is for 1.18.1 for suite with emc update, if you want to read it, please scrolls below. This include:
    • Increase fps without mods or with mods
    • Install minecraft in windows or mac, linux (ubuntu)
    • Install forge or fabric mods
    • Minium Requiments (Approx only)
    • Tweaks to make mc easier and convivence.
    More Info below this post (this is indexing post)
    Due to limited time, it will took more time to do, or to post on this.
    Issues? Contact me below
    Note: This wiki is not done yet. I will remove this line once i'm done
    I don't have mac devices to record on mac, sorry. Hackmac seems illegal and i will not do it
    (Sorry for clutter page)
    (Will done overtime, i swear)
    Note: This thread still keep old contents, but not new contents as it moved to my site
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  2. The first ones, is increase fps for vallina without the use of forge or fabric
    Follow these image for instructions:
    First, click options... (in minecraft main menu)

    Or if you're in game, hit esc in keyboard and click options

    Then click video settings

    There you go. Video settings is here:

    Change these settings like this below image. You will need only focus on Graphics, Render distance, chunk builder, simulation distance, vsync, max framerate, clouds, particles, mipmap levels only. because it affect the fps when run
    Graphics decide when it look fancy or not. Or beatiful.
    -Fabulous is for shader uses only, because in recent minecraft support built-in shader via resource pack.
    -Render distance decide in game topia (aka sence) when you can look far or short. Reduce to lowest to prevent lag.
    -Simulation distance affect how far enties should be spawned, or physchics should be operated, as example. If simulation is above 8 chunks, it can create spike lag for old computer. In general, you adjust the size of chunk box
    -Vsync. For cpu loads and prevent tearing frame while it keeps up with montior. Should be disabled because it create unnesseary lag.
    -Chunk builder. Affect how mc update chunks in single frame.
    Fully blocking: Chunks always compile immediately, which may affect performance when placing or destroying blocks
    Semi-Blocking: Chunks recompile immediately when some actions occur, including placing or destroying blocks
    Threaded: Nearby chunks compiled in parrarel threads, but may results black holes when block are destroyed
    Max framerate: Set fps depend on your discretion. 60fps recommend
    Clouds: For athelestic only, disable recommded
    Particles: Same as clouds, minimal recommded (may affect visual as well as some gameplay)
    Mipmap levels: Minecraft's texture filter. Set to off is recommend for performance, but may look like 1.5.2 minecraft
    Althought setting lowest distance or optimize, old hardware still cause lag, esecipally moving because bigger mechanic in 1.18
  3. So, how to install forge or fabric?
    Install java first. It's requied to run these installer because it based on java (download here)
    Java tutorial install (Linux (ubuntu) is not requied)
    Then you can follow these:
  4. Install mods on forge or fabric in windows, mac (click me) or linux (ubuntu)
    Windows :

    Linux (ubuntu):
  5. Sorry for a bit away, so this post will talk about how to increase fps with mods. (Note: i'm not teacher so i don't have teaching skill, some peeps may not understand it)
    The first one, is most common mod. Everyone know that mod and it known for shader mods. What is this?
    - Answer: Opifine. That's most common method to increase fps. Although it accused is bring too much bugs and visual glitch to mc, but we will give it a chance.
    Feature dynamic light, higher distance (up to 64 chunks!) , also optimize performance minecraft (a little tweaks make mc better, depend on pc specs)
    How can i optimize mc by opifine?

    The second ones, is sodium and iris shader (note: sodium is still in alpha, means many bug may arise)
    -Sodium is another interesting mods to increase fps while playing. It increase tons of fps.
    (sodium already use general settings which suite most of computer to increase fps)

    Installion guide (For both of mods)
    For opifine:
    For Sodium:

    • Forge: (not for forge users)
    • Fabric: download sodium
    For iris shader:

    • Fabric: download sodium and iris shader
    • Note: Iris shader can crash if you switch /home or /willd, /waste too fast
    • Completary shader with iris shader can crash if you switch /home or /wild
    • How iris look be like after with sodium:

    Then view this tutorial

  6. So, what's about this post? This will talk about:
    • Minium Requiments (Approx only)
    Okay, here's a link to site which list them all (click me!)

    The first one, to play this bare minium (30fps), you will need:
    CPU: i5-6200u @2,3Ghz, i3 2130, Pentium G2120 or higher
    GPU:Nividia 920MX, GT 730, Radeon r7 240 or higher
    Ram: 8GB or higher
    Disk: 800mb
    Anything below than this mark may not able to play 1.18.x without mods
    Recommded rig:
    CPU: i7-7700HQ@2,8Ghz, i5 7600k@3,8ghz or higher
    GPU: GTX 1050, Radeon RX 460 or higher
    Ram: 16gb or higher
    Disk: 2GB
  7. i would not say 8 is the min without mods
  8. Here's first tip:
    You can copy and paste settings, in case you don't want to setup again after reset computer.
  9. The second tips:
    You can create mulitipe minecraft game folder by using minecraft dicteory
  10. The third tips:
    Lithium and phosphor mod. (For fabric only)
    (Use for optimization, make your experience leaner, reduce cpu load and make mc responsive)
    But be warned, it can cause visual glitch when loaded in emc
  11. okay, so 1.18 has arrived on emc. If you feel somewhat hard to read. Just let me know and i will create site about that
  12. Luckily, emc's render distance is halfed. So the spefic is for defaut minecraft only
  13. okay, the minium requiment now diveded into two parts:
    the left one now have balance gpu and cpu
    the right one requie you have great processor and potato gpu
  14. alright. it has been updated.
    how to use forums as well as section of emc.