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  1. Although this is called the newbies guide, this thread is relevant to everyone. It's only called the newbies guide because quite frankly I couldn't think of a better title and it’s designed to be understandable by everyone on EMC. Anyway, sit back and relax, this is going to be a long thread...

    The Empire has a unique chat system, unlike any other server’s. While most have a single chat channel and /tells, EMC has many more. This guide will hopefully get you familiar with how chat works here.

    EMC has a whole host of channels - each of which serve a unique purpose. You can tell which channel a message has been sent in by looking at the coloured letter before the sender’s name. Chat channels are not cross server, so SMP1’s town chat is unconnected to SMP2’s.

    Town chat
    Messages sent in town chat have a T before the sender’s name. They are viewable and sendable by anyone in the Town world, people in the Wilderness or Nether will simply be unable to send or see them. Town chat is designed for public conversations so please don’t chat to your best friend about your night out using it, we don’t all need to see it. To switch to town chat, use the /c t command.

    Local chat
    Local chat is only viewable by people within 100 blocks of the sender. It’s identifiable by the L before the sender’s name. It works in any world and is for group conversations and games. The command to join local chat is /c l.

    Supporter chat
    Supporter chat is the exclusive channel for supporters. When they are online, it's often used to chat with staff. It can be used in any world and by any level of supporter. As a general rule, supporter chat is a lot more peaceful and mature than town chat. It's identified by the S before the senders name and the command to access it is /c s.

    Private chat
    Private chat (PM's) are used to chat to any individual on your current server. To send a private message, start your message with /tell [name] or @[name]. You can also just do one of these commands then press enter to set private messages as your active chat channel. Private messages are pink and can only be seen by the person sent to.

    Ignoring people
    Sometimes people get a little carried away in chat. When this happens, it's a good idea to ignore them. If you ignore someone, they'll be unable to PM you and you wont see any messages sent by them.
    /ignore [name] - Ignore someone
    /unignore [name] - Unignore someone
    /ignore list - Lists everyone you have ignored

    What is unacceptable in chat
    • Swearing
    • Spamming
    • Advertising other servers
    • Being abusive or mean towards other players
    • Excessive punctuation
    • All CAPS
    If someone is behaving in an unacceptable way, use the /report [name] [reason] command. This will allow a member of staff to sanction the player in an appropriate way. Bare in mind that bans and kicks aren't instant since they have to be issued by a human, but don't worry; they will happen eventually. If someone is repeatedly spamming very fast, chances are the automated spam protection will pick it up. For the first time it detects it the player will be kicked, the second they will be permabanned. This is the only sort of automated bans and kicks there are though, and you still should /report them in case it isn't detected.

    Turning chat off
    Sometimes chat can get a little overwhelming. A good thing to do can be to turn it off using /chat off if it's getting on your nerves then when you feel ready for it again, use /chat on to re-enable it.

    As a newbie...

    We all understand that when you first join you'll have a lot of questions to ask. However, please remember that chances are, the question is asked every single day. Before asking a question, make sure you check that the Empire Guide doesn't have the answer. If it doesn't, the EMC Wiki might so check there too. If you can't find the answer, ask once. In fact, this deserves some re-enforcing. When you say something, wait. Don't spam until you get one. If one doesn't come then either leave it, or if it was a question ask it once more in a slightly different way. If you still don't get an answer then leave it and try and find the answer else-where. Although it might sound like I'm being harsh, I'm not. You'll understand why this is after about a week here.

    One more thing is that the rules are there, respect them. Also, if you kicked then don't yell at the mod who banned you, accept the kick. If you don't then chances are you'll be banned.

    If you are a newbie, feel free to ask for help with chat here. If you're a knowledgeable player and see I've missed something, then please post it here and I'll add it.
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