[Guide] Teleporting from your outpost to spawn & back.

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  1. Have a bed spawn set thousands of blocks out, at your outpost and wanna get back from town without dying, & easily? or wanna get back to town from your outpost without setting up a rail or traveling an incredible distance? In just 4 quick steps? This guide is for you! This guide will be shown in the order of, Going from your outpost to town, Getting then getting back to your outpost from town.

    Step: 1 Set a bed spawn at your outpost location. Make sure this is somewhere safe in a house where the bed will not be broken. This will be important for returning to your outpost.

    Step 2: Get on the nether roof. This is relatively simple and while being on the nether roof does nothing on EMC it will give you the benefit of teleporting directly back to the nether spawn regardless of your location.

    Step 2A: To get atop the nether roof, find a piece of bedrock when on the f3 menu, it says looking at Y axis 127. (this will be top right) Then use ladders to get up. Aim ender pearl roughly as shown in screenshot.

    Once your done with your business in town and wish to return to your outpost.

    Step 3: Go to the end. A location of all end portals can be found here : https://empireminecraft.com/threads/end-locations.63172/

    Step 4: Leave the end. When you leave the end you will be teleported to your set spawn. AKA (your bed). Leaving you at your outpost. Now revel in all the time you have saved traveling!

    Along with the benefits of teleporting this will make it very hard for your base to be traceable and well hidden from others. With the downside of bringing in new members may be more difficult.

    Hope this guide helps :)
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