GUIDE: SmoothStone Generator

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  1. i was a little bored earlier today, so i decided to design a smoothstone generator using a BUD switch design pthagaard showed me recently. after a few versions of it, ive gotten the final design down to a 4x4x3 area, with no delay on block generation whatsoever. here is a step by step guide on how to build it. :)
    step 1. mark out a 4x4 area as shown below:

    Step 2. dig out a on deep hole one block down and one block over from the top left corner of your area. then place a water sourch on the block to the left of that hole and surround it in glass panes on all sides but the side with the hole.
    -next, place a regular piston facing toward the hole on the block directly north of the hole. now place a sticky piston facing up on the block directly east of the hole.
    after this step is done it will look like this:

    Step 3. in the next layer up, place a lava source surrounded on all four sides by glass above the hole. some smoothstone should form at this point, covering the hole.
    now place two pieces of cobble south of the glass pane that is above the sticky piston, and one cobble north of it. place a redstone torch on the souther most cobble, then a repeater facing away from the torch right above that, now place one redstone dust on the single piece of cobble north of the glass. finally, place a sand block on top of the glass pane, between the repeater and the dust.
    it should look like this:

    your generator is now done!!!
    it should look like this from the front:
    simply mine the smooth stone and it will start producing more :)
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  2. yaaaa this makes my life somewhat easery
  3. Only one problem... Needs silk touch enchanted pickaxe to actually harvest stone :(
  4. lol, true. Although it can be used like a normal cobblestone generator, but marginally quicker. :)