[GUIDE]Slime Farming 101

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  1. I am sure many of you have slime farms at this point, or are trying to build one. I am going to lay down a few tips and videos that will help you build an efficient slime farm.

    If I left anything out let me know, its only like 10 slides but it also has some links that help out!
    **Google slides aren't that bad, its my first time using them... :p**
  2. One thing to add to this is that Iron Golems will damage slimes, and the slimes Can't do damage back to the Iron Golems.

    If you don't care about XP and just want a floor of hoppers to collect items, this can be a good way to automate it.
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  3. Golems are a good way, but as the video stated at the end of slide, he tested and golems wont help rates. (Slimes are attracted to golems in 1.8 but wont help the rates from what he tested.)

    Definitely a great automation way though for killing.
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  4. Thank you that was very helpful!
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  5. This is a very helpful guide. Thanks for sharing!
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  6. Gonna bump again, hoping that this helps at least a little :)

    Once I have my guardian farm up, Guardian Farming 101 will be up :)
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  7. I am pretty sure that torches are fine as a lighting source, the gamepedia links state they are.
  8. They work as a source, but they also limit the spawns. For max efficiency you should use lanterns.
  9. It says here that they will spawn on torches.
  10. I automated bread making -.- lol xD
  11. here. This is a MCF post, the comments explain why the farm isnt working. Of course something may have changed over updates, I will look more into it.
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  12. I am pretty sure it was changed. Old MC urban legend IMO.:p
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  13. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/606524-minecraft/70075524

    1.8 Post...

    I have been looking thoroughly and I see many people saying yes and many saying no. This requires more investigating. I want to make sure my info is accurate.
  14. I believe the reason behind the confusion is that in the past, torches were not considered "air" blocks (they were considered solid) and thus slimes wouldn't spawn on them. They now are "air" blocks (and have been for a while actually) and thus should allow slimes to spawn without hindrance.

    The best way to figure this out would be to look into the code, but that requires more time than I have right now.:p
  15. Nice guide, thanks.

    A while ago, I decided to dig 4 chunks all the way to bedrock for a squid/mob farm.
    It was a lot of work.
    It turned out that two of the chunks were slime chunks touching each other.
    Since the squid farm does not work in 1.8 (hardly worked in 1.7 EMC), I might turn it into a slime farm, I'm not sure yet, because its far out in wild.

    Anyway, since I have two Slime chunks touching each other, I did a test;

    I wanted to see how torches affected spawning on 1.8 on EMC.

    I used 4 stacks of torches to 100% cover the chunk (1 torch on each spawn block in the chunk).
    I put 2-high glass border to contain any slimes that spawned.

    On EMC in 1.8, Slimes of All sizes Can spawn on blocks that have torches on them.

    Now as far as efficiency, do torches hurt spawn rates,
    At first it looked like they did, but then I switched which chunk had torches.
    Overall, they spawned about the same # of slimes, whether the blocks had torches or were plain blocks.

    Personally, I still like Jack-o-lanters, as they are out of my way when fighting, etc.
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  16. I just realized that my post was pretty much only negative. I love the guide (have it bookmarked for a possible summer project if I have time), thank you for putting it together for us. :)
  17. No, your post wasnt negative in my eyes. You were pointing out a flaw. Thankfully cadgamer tested and found out it doesnt matter much.

    Still even after finding that torches work, I will still stick with my good old jack o lanterns. :)

    Gonna edit the powerpoint and put a link to cad's post at the end slide.
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  18. A link to your thread is good enough, as several people can add good info.
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