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  1. Empire Minecraft Shop Guide
    Hey guys, I found it only fitting to put a guide about running a successful business, in the business and Services forum.
    Now I do on a mall, and only just put it up (Closed for re-stocking etc). But I have asked around and gathered information, and had previous account shops etc.

    So first of all, deciding which kind of shop do you want? There are many types of shops people owns, for example Mega Malls, Food shops, or Blacksmiths, the options are endless. Take in mind, A mega mall that sells every item or near, will take a lot of stocking (Once you become popular people will sell to you for less, meaning profits, and less stocking). But until you get popular what will you do? Well you can hire people to help stock you, or you can have a co-owner, or even a three-way ownership of the shop.
    Or you can have a specialist shop, that specializes in one category instead of every item or category. This is often the way people go, they specialize in one area and then its easier to stock, and more people come to you to buy that item. These shops tend to be less expensive for that item, then in a mega mall. One shop i dont see around is a potion shop. The prices can be achieved by finding if anyone does sell potions, get their price and lower it a few rupees to add more of a appeal to it.

    After you figured out what kind of shop you want, its comes to stocking and pricing part. Find the average rate of a item, and go with it for a mega mall, and lower by a bit for a specialist shop. So this should take a bit of your time to do, but its worth it for the end product.

    After this, open up your store and hope the people come and see your store, you can achieve this by a few ways.
    One: If people ask who sells Dirt for example, you can reply "Yes, 0000 does, 16 for 32" and then they will come and see it. And then they can reference people if they enjoy it.

    I hope this helps anyone wanting to start a shop :D And feel free to add anything if it come to mind.

  2. Should rename this to "[guide] running a successful shop" Seeing how there are other types of businesses that could be had but aren't covered in this.
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  3. Good idea, how?