[Guide] Prevent overheating with a straw

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  1. My laptop was struggling with overheating problems for a long time now. So bad, I couldn't complete the recent big Windows 10 update because it would overheat before finishing. Games were even worse. After Googling for a little while, I came across this budget way to clean using a straw and your face.

    1. Find a straw
    2. Unplug your laptop and remove the battery
    3. Find the fan intake and out vents
    4. Put some tape or pinch off the end of the straw to create a very narrow opening
    5. Put straw against one of the vents
    6. Blow through straw very hard at varying angles and locations
    7. Do this at both vents
    8. Be very careful not to blow spit into your laptop
    9. Plug everything in and turn it back on
    10. Enjoy your hopefully less overheating laptop.
    I went into this fairly skeptical since it seemed unlikely that the air would be strong enough to dislodge anything, but it worked incredibly well; the update finished successfully and things are much quieter. Obviously this isn't as good as compressed air and/or disassembly, but if you can't do either of those, it is the best option. I could see dust flying out of my vents as I did this so at least something got dislodged.

    Hope this helped :)
  2. Yeah that's a good tip. They also make compressed air cans if you don't want to put any moisture in.