[Guide] Playing weekly snapshots

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  1. To play the weekly snapshot, here's what you do:
    1. Download the minecraft.jar file. This page will have the current snapshot. In the download column, click the "client" link.
    2. Find your .minecraft\bin folder. The full path will probably look like this:
    3. SAVE the minecraft.jar file currently in that folder. Either rename it, or move it somewhere else.
    4. BACK UP your single-player Minecraft worlds somewhere safe. You want to COPY the "saves" folder in the .minecraft folder to a safe place on your computer, just like you did in step 3.
    5. Move the minecraft.jar file you DOWNLOADED into the .minecraft\bin folder.
    6. You can now play the weekly snapshot of Minecraft in SINGLE PLAYER ONLY.
    To revert your minecraft to the version the Empire is running, see this thread.


    If you want to run your own server to test the snapshot with friends, use the guide here. Remember to use the server file from this page.
    This is not necessary to play on your own!
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  2. Very good post. Likes for you.
  3. But how do you do it for an online server. Me and my friend wanted to do a video on them.
  4. To run a server with the current snapshot, you would follow step one, except download the server version instead of the client version.

    Players wishing to join the server would have to have the client version of the same snapshot.
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  5. I've been using Minecraft launcher. Works great and easy to change .jar files as well as set memory allocation for Java before starting the game. (I use 512 with no issues).

    You just use your own custom names...Like I use "minecraft_Empire" for the servers here.
  6. so i also put that in my minecraftt/bin
  7. The digiex Minecraft launcher is awesome, you can use it to play any MC vesrion ever made, but not indev :(
  8. No. A server runs separate from the client. Put it in its own folder, somewhere accessible. You need to run it every time you want it to be accessible to yourself / your friends.
  9. Hey make another step-by-step i'm really confused lol :confused: . Also do you know how to run a bukkit server. I am having trouble starting it up and i have looked up tutorials on youtube and did everything they do but never got it running.
  10. OP updated, server section is at the bottom. Running a server, even a small one, is more technical than messing with your client. The wiki page contains all the info you need.
  11. Well almost all. You might have to do some Port Forwarding of your Router. Depending on what your using it can be a PAIN! My old Netgear 3700 failed yesterday and I had it working fine to minecraft on my home network but my new Cisco Linksys E4200 is being stubborn. :eek: