[GUIDE] Pasting Links Into MC | bit.ly - a simple URL shortener

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  1. I've noticed that many players want to take advantage of the new 'Pasting Links Into MC' feature. I believe that any link that you want players to click on is has a character limit of 25. (I think it is 25, not done testing.) So, a link to a forum thread, to a specific Empire Guide page, or any other long link will not work in MC... not until now with bit.ly. bit.ly is a free URL shortener that anyone can use.


    If you use Google Chrome, get the chrome extension here: http://bit.ly/J8qQuY.

    NOTE: You need to get a bit.ly account to use the extension.

    I hope this helps everyone, feel free to reply to this thread with any questions and/or comments.

    Have a fantastic day,
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