[GUIDE] Multi-Linked Signatures (AKA Buttons)

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    This guide was written mainly to refer my customers to when they order a signature and do not know how to apply links to their buttons.

    Quick Introduction
    At first when I was learning about how to do this, I thought it would be really hard and I would have to go through A LOT of steps to put links on my buttons for my signature, but in reality it is not hard at all. This guide will be short and sweet, if you have an unanswered question feel free to post it below or PM me. Let's get into it :)

    Dividing up your Signature
    I will be using a signature I made for Elfin for this example.

    You will want to divide your signature up into how ever many buttons you have, the following signature has four different buttons, so each section contains one button.

    Section One: "Message Me"

    Section Two: "Auction"

    Section Three: "Wiki"

    Section Four: "Shop"

    Full Image

    Adding Sections to your Signature
    Once you have uploaded all of your divided sections to a site such as Imgur or Tinypic and obtained the IMG code, simply paste them all into your signature and Center align them, as shown below.

    Remember, how your signature looks in the preview and how it looks on the forum may look different, if a section is off test it out on a thread and see if it is correct on there, if not your images may be too big for the dimensions of the signature.

    Linking your Buttons
    This is very, very simple. The only thing you need to do is have your link in your clip board by copying the address. Once you have your link for where you want the button to go once it is clicked, click the button shown below.

    Once you have clicked that button with your section highlighted, paste the link into the box that pops up. You will follow the same steps for the rest of the sections.

    If you have any unanswered questions please let me know!
  2. You didn't include the one part I didn't know. :p How do you split the image?
  3. Personally, I use the selection tool in Photoshop, you can easily screenshot the different sections and upload them. If you need help splitting an image up let me know :p
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  5. Thanks so much for this guide! Hopefully, I can create better signatures now! :)
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  10. Nice Guide! I also think you forgot the crafting recipe ;)
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  11. Might want to add that the total length of the sig should be 500px or less, if you don't want it goofing up in private messaging.