GUIDE: Making quick and Easy Money buy Mining and Gathering Quartz

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  1. GUIDE: Making QuickMoney
    Through Mining / Quartz Collecting

    Hello guys, my name is MrWhosMagic / MrWhosAwesome. I have made quite a bit of money lately through Mining. I thought I would share a Quick Guide to you guys on how to successfully make money.

    Thing you will need:

    • Normal Pick (Enchanted or Non Enchanted, doesn't matter)
    • Silk Touch I Pick Axe
    • Enderchest
    • Food (Cooked Potatoes I use as they are cheap and easy to collect)
    • Few stacks of Torches (2-4)
    • 16 Logs
    • Armour (Optional / Advised)
    What I would do to start, would generally be going to the Wastelands, and going maybe 200 Blocks out or so, then I would find a Cave. What this does is, it allows you to get away from all the Mainstream people staying in close to the Spawn, now the Wastelands gets reset, and there is generally caves that are huge that aren't explored.

    After you find your cave (200-400 Blocks out), I would mine every Ore I can find, no matter if you don't think it's worth it like Coal (I always get lazy about collecting after I am mining for hours on end).

    After you have a Full inventory, you will drop all the Minerals in your Enderchest, keeping all your "Starting" materials, or put everything in your Chest and kill yourself to get back Quicker if you don't want to Continue.

    On average when I go mining I will only fill up my Enderchest and kill myself, but I will do this at least once a Week. I will generally end up with

    • 3-6 Stacks of Iron
    • 16-64 Diamond Ore
    • 4-10 Stacks of Coal Ore
    • 1-3 Stacks of Gold Ore
    • 10-30 Emerald Ore depending on Biome
    • 5-64 Lapis Ore
    • Saddles, Music Discs, Armour, Enchanted Books and other Mineshaft / Dungeon Loot.
    • 2-3 Stacks of Normal Mob drops
    The last 5 trips or so I have been collecting all my Minerals as I want to save up, but before I used to ask if anyone wanted to buy anything, or keep an eye out in chat to see if anyone is asking for anything.
    Another way is to go to some large buy / sell mega malls that are popular, and you can sell to, like RandomZh's Shop or Deathtomb8953's Mall, and all the other great malls there are.
    Quartz Collecting requires a normal Pick, a Silk Touch I pick, some food, Enderchest, Armour and 5 - 6 Fire Resistance Potions.
    Theory is the Same, you go collect as much quartz as you can, through in enderchest and kill yourself, or fill up Enderchest and your inventory depending on how you feel.

    Hope this helps everyone.