[Guide] Installing texture packs

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  1. So, you might be getting bored of the normal MC texture. You might want to put in a texture pack. Well, here's a guide how to.
    1. Download your texture pack. Most packs are in a ZIP form, but as long as it has the proper files (Pack.txt) Minecraft will recognize a texture pack. If you create your own texture packs, feel free to ZIP as necessary.
    2. Run Minecraft. If you already have Minecraft running, save and quit/disconnect. You need to be in the main menu to continue.
    3. Click Texture Packs button. If you do not see this, go to Options.
    4. Click Open Texture Pack Folder. If you do not see this, you may need to find it manually. Depending on your OS, it could be:
    Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\texturepacks
    GNU/Linux: ~/.minecraft/texturepacks (This folder may be hidden in the Home folder)
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/.minecraft/texturepacks (sometimes Library is a hidden folder)
    5. In a few seconds the texture pack will appear in Minecraft.

    Enjoy your new texture pack!
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  2. Also, protip: Once you're in the %appdata% folder, right click and drag the .minecraft folder onto the desktop to create a shortcut to it on the desktop, makes things much easier in the future.
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  3. Uh huh. Didn't know that. Thanks
  4. I'd mention that on the Mac, Library is a hidden folder in newer versions. To get to it, click Go -> Go To Folder and type ~/Library. When you see the Minecraft folder, drag it to the sidebar for easy access. Other than that, nice guide. :)
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  5. Thank you, I forgot to add that and that sometimes on Linux .minecraft is a hidden folder :)