[Guide] Installing Forge & Schematica with Magic Launcher

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  1. So today I helped a few people install Schematica and I figured I would go ahead and just make a guide.

    First: Download the latest Forge Universal from here, Magic Launcher from here, and Schematica from here. You'll need to drag Magic Launcher to your desktop, nothing to install as it just reads the info you already have.

    Second: In your .minecraft folder create a new folder named mods. Put forge and Schematica here.

    Third: Open ML so that the log in page comes up and click Setup so that you are now on this menu:

    To load mods you need to click add and then navigate to your mods folder and choose Forge. Schematica is not internal mod so it doesn't need to be added.

    Fourth: After loading the mod, click OK and log in. It should load up Forge and will come up to the screen to choose your game mode.

    By default the keys are Multiply, Divide and Subtract on a standard keyboard with a number-pad. If you don't have one you can change them in Options> Controls.

    To get schematics you will need to either A. Download them from sites and place them in the newly created Schematics folder that it put in your .minecraft folder. or B) Use the save option to save your own.

    Also on the menu where you can move and position your schematic, there is a button that lists the materials you need as well as a button that says Printer that will build the thing for you if you have enough items in your inventory. This is disabled on EMC.
  2. Sounds simple. But is simply hard
  3. Not really. It's pretty simple if you get the correct files and stuff.
  4. It never works for me but I'm goodish without them ^_^
  5. my forge in mclauncher says not compatible ive tried three diff versions is there a correct one im missing?
    edit: i think the problem is im not starting with a clean version derp
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