[Guide] How to use /trade to trade Items

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  1. Hey, So recently i noticed Many people i talked to didn't know how to use /trade, so heres a Mini Guide :)

    Sending a trade Request, "/trade PlayerName"

    Once Sent you will see This in Chat, (Both Players must be in town or within 32 blocks of each other)

    The Player you Sent the request to will see this, (to click on confirm, Press T to open your chat Window)

    Once The other player has Accepted the Trade request, This Window Will pop up for Both Players

    Here fBuilderS is Offering to trade me 1 dirt by placing it on His Side of the trade window just like how you would put a item in a chest, (note: only 1 player has to offer an item(s) for a trade to work)

    Once your Happy with the Trade Click the Pink Dye on your Side of the Window (its recommended that you agree on a trade before opening the window as you can't use chat while in it)

    Once you click the dye it will turn green, indicating that you Confirmed

    Once Both Players have Confirmed With their Dye's The Glass Panes (Final Confirm Button) Will turn red,

    Once Clicked, The Glass Pane will turn Green,

    Once Both Players Click the Final Confirm (glass pane) The Window will close and this Message will Appear In Chat

    Hope this Clears some things up, There is also a way to Trade Rupees with /trade but its not often used,

    If i missed Anything you think i should add, Let me know :)
  2. Thanks, I had no idea how to use trade and the only time someone tried to trade with me it was to show me a promo :p
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