[GUIDE] How to Survive the NORMAL MODE ( and the update ).

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  1. So as most people know and if you do not know, Empire Minecraft, the server we love and know, has finally updated to Normal Mode :D Some of you may have seen / heard about the changes or new features / mob enhancements is what I've been calling them. But here I am here to tell you how to defeat these enhanced mobs Aikar has cursed us with :D

    -Clearly, armor is vital in this situation, I have gone through 2 sets of Iron Protection IV armor and 1 set of Diamond protection IV armor so far. I suggest putting at least Unbreaking III on your armor to preserve it, these mobs are ruthless

    2. Potions / Golden Apples
    - The advantages of various potions: speed, fire resistance, instant health and regeneration are all very helpful in a fight. The buff of a golden apple( Golden Block ) is extremely helpful when fighting over potions if you can afford them since they are stackable and you can bring home more loot :D

    3. Enchantments
    - The enhanced mobs have a lot of health, so enchantments on your swords and armor will be useful if you are better at fighting and want to survive longer / get more out of your gear. Enchants are very cheap and you can buy books very cheap from some people :D

    4. Friends
    - This is a SMP server, Survival MULTIPLAYER so why don't you use that to your advantage and use the buddy system and always bring a friend! One of my friends, NoobofEpicness and I were running around together and we took on a Monolus and a Marlix together and one of the reason we won was because we were together! So always bring a friend or a few to take on these new mobs!

    Some random " Pro " tips:

    - When fighting a Marlix, bring it into a forest biome / something with cover where you can trap it. This way the Marlix can't fly away all the time and you can get more hits on it as well as you have some cover.
    - When fighting the Monolus ( giant zombie ) cover / shelter doesn't help because he teleports you out, and having a decent amount of health, the ability to drop his zombies on you and teleporting you back to him so you can't run, fight this guy with friends, I've fought 3 so far, 1 with my friend NoobofEpicness and 2 solo, winning all 3 times, you shouldn't be afraid to fight, just be well prepared and Ender Pearls save lives!

    If anyone wants help taking these down or just wishing to have some fun and go hunting let me know :D Hope this helps in some way
    PS: I have tons of screenshots to upload :D
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