[GUIDE] How to play on EMC before we upgrade to latest update

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  1. So, [insert version number] is out with all of it's new features. Of course you want to download it but you also want to be able to play on EMC. Well, you have 4 options.

    Option 0 - Don't update - Recommended
    Seemingly obvious but it's the simplest way. There's no need to update, you do so out of choice so just wait the few weeks EMC will take and then you can enjoy all the new features.

    Option 1 - Wait
    Trust me, Justin and Aikar will currently be using his their ninja skills to get EMC ready for whatever version we are currently on so we just have to wait for him them, the makers of external plugins and the Bukkit team to have finished everything. They'll all be working very hard so this shouldn't take long.

    You could also take a break from EMC for a little bit, your res is protected until EMC updates so you don't really have anything to lose. Practice your redstone skills on single player or actually go outside (*gasp*).

    Option 2 - Spoutcraft - Recommended if you want to update
    Spoutcraft is a Minecraft launcher designed for Minecrafters that play on servers powered by Spout. Although EMC itself isn't Spout powered, the launcher is still compatible. Just make sure you select 'recommended build' instead of 'latest build' on the login screen. Your mods wont work on Spout but a mini-map and MC Patcher support is built in.
    Download Spout: Windows | Mac | Linux

    Option 3 - MCNostalgia
    This is the hardest way in my opinion. I strongly recommend you use Spoutcraft over this option. Basically it allows you to downgrade your client (like magic) to an older version of Minecraft. Make sure you back everything up before using this, it may decide to eat your maps. This is the only way that allows you to continue using your mods and play on EMC though.
    Download MCNostalgia: Minecraft Forum

    Option 4 - Save your .jars
    Each minecraft.jar corresponds to a version of Minecraft. When you update, an new .jar overrides the old one. You can keep your old .jars by simply copying them to a safe place or renaming them. When you want to change to an old version just switch .jars.

    Option 5 - Use your OS's built in... thing

    Option 6 - Use MultiMC - Recommended
    MultiMC is like MagicLauncher, but has the ability to downgrade your Minecraft built in! To use it, launch MultiMC, click the "new" icon in the top left corner and click "create new instance".

    At the bottom of the window that pops up, there's a "change version" button. Click it and select 1.4.7. Then click OK and launch your new downgraded instance.
    Download Link (all platforms)
  2. You could also get a .jar file from your friend thats not upgraded yet.
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  3. I thought sharing the .jars was illegal? I might be wrong though...
  4. 4th option. Just dont update.
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  5. Aka option 1 :p
  6. i have many copies of jars with a lot of mods
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  7. Option 1 reads as if u updated and are waiting to get on emc
  8. I will reword it shortly. :)
    EDIT: Scrap that, I'll just make an option 0.
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  9. It is ;)
  10. braking the law!!!
  11. 4th option: Make a copy of the old .jar file and update the other one(that is what i do
  12. *cough 2nd account :p*
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  13. What is your second account IGN?
  14. Guess
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  15. I keep my old Bin so when I want to go back I can.
  16. Option 5: Twiddle your thumbs while waiting.
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  17. option 6: watch every episode of annoying orange
  18. You can consider it "confirmed" I know in the past when there is an update to EMC... There is always a post by an Admin or maybe even shaunwhite1982; that the derelict policty is temporarily disabled. Then they announce that when the derelict policy is back into action (all on empire.us)

    The last I had heard about it was that they have to manually reset each residence when it is time- It is not in an automatic system that deletes the residence promptly at 10 days. Coincidentally they may be getting to that particular server shortly thereafter though... Hope that explains that :D
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  19. I've heard it's automated. I've also heard it's not. Blame ICC.
  20. I am ninety-ten percent sure it isn't automated.

    Or at least they used to have to do it all manually. I know it isn't completely automatic...

    Well, the more I think about it- the more not right I feel because I remember when GameKribJeremy stepped down and IcC replaced him (lol, same person)- I remember that GameKribJeremy went derelict and his residence was deleted. Hmm...