[Guide] How To Make Rupees!

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  1. Hello people of Emc!
    Ever wonder where all your rupees disappear too? Well This thread will help you get started making Rupees and Maybe even Become a millionaire!
    • Quartz- People go crazy for quartz so that's why there key to sell. Before you leave to get quartz make sure to pack a sword a Bow and a Pick (I would choose a EFF 5 UBR 3 And SILK or a EFF4 MEN FOR 3 Pick) A stack of Food (Meat) and a stack of Whatever block of your choice to make a path I use Dirt but you can use Diamond blocks if you want.
    • Obsidian- This is a Harder block to mine but it is well worth the expensive! Before you go out on your mission to get it Here is What you should Bring. A sword a Bow a Water bucket some Fire res Potions a stack of Food (Meat) and A a EFF 5 UBR 3 And SILK Pick. You could either Do this in a cave or on the surface. SURFACE- Use the Map and scan the Map for lava pools and Head to them and Pour that water over the Lava! CAVE- When you go on a mining trip it is easy to find Lava and Pour it over the Lava.
    • Beacon- This Is a long process But Well worth it First you go wither Skellie hunting (SMP8 Has a great Place Its called NHG /fnether and go South) Collect 3 Heads than Go to waste and Put on Difficulty 1 and Battle Till its Dead. Collect the star and Make a Beacon And Sell
    I hope you enjoy this and I hope you can Make some Rupees after you read this:)
  2. tnt, gunpowder and redstone sell for high aswell
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  4. so smart :D
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  5. auction hosts and beacons :D

    ooh, so i should be selling not buying, thats prob. what i did wrong! ^.^ j/k!

    thx 4 the guide, im sure some ppl dont know about those expensive blocks!
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  6. Helpful :)
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  7. Wonderful guide but maybe add selling rare promos.
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  8. Sand, glass, sandstone, hard clay - if you're skilled you make around 30k per hour ... or more.

    One of the best places to sell stuff is my /v 12221 and/or /v +mm on smp6:
    - best buy prices for most of the items most of the time, prices get updated with changes in supply and demand
    - bulk selling and buying is encouraged - the margin is lower for higher quantities (full stacks)
    - 4 DCs for most items, with price steps, so prices are higher if the stock is low and vice versa
    - several signs per item allowing to buy and sell both small and large quantities
    - stock indicating lights, so you can quickly see what is needed / what sells well
    - preview is on, so you know exactly how much you can sell or buy (command: /togglepreview)
    - low margin, so you can buy what you need at the same place and so conveniently exchange stuff at low cost

    To exchange diamonds, wood or stone for a minimal margin, you can go to /v 12163 on smp6 - the "inflation-free" barter shop where you can trade without spending 1 rupee.
    Not many players understand how that barter shop works, so not many use it, but the customer base does slowly grow.
    But it is actually easy - first take what you need, then give what you want to give, just take care to keep it balanced - so neither to spend nor to gain rupees.
    It will get more items added eventually.
  9. this guide is awesome thanks :p