[GUIDE] How to make rupees.

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  1. You own a shop, and receive a daily sign-in bonus, but can't make enough rupees?
    Well, this guide is for you! I'll be taking you on a step-by-step guide on how to make rupees - and possibly spread the empire's popularity!

    1) Voting.
    Voting will help spread the Empire's popularity, and bonus you 50 rupees. A few kind members, such as JackBiggin, may offer you some more rupees if you vote -as long as you have proof in the form of a screenshot.

    So, don't know how to vote? Look at these pictures:
    1) Hover over rupees tab in the navigation bar at the top of the site, below the EMC logo, and click Overview.
    You should get a page like this:
    I want you to scroll down a little. Now, go to Minestatus, below MCSL, and click vote:

    You will now be presented by a page like this:
    Fill out your details, and click vote. You just received 50 rupees, and helped to boost the Empire's popularity.

    2) Facebook.
    Facebook isn't for everyone, as some people may not have an account. However, for those of you that do, this part is for you.

    All you have to do is click 'like', and you will be notified of all future rupee giveaways.
    Usually, the giveaways are only given to the first 50 people to click it, so if you see one, do not hestitate.

    3) Twitter
    The same as facebook, but more people may use it. Just click follow on the Empire's page. Usually, the giveaways are only given to the first 50 people to click it, so if you see one, do not hestitate.
    4) Public Rupee Giveaways
    ICC did a recovery fund for 1.3.1, and there was a giveaway on american independence day. These are usually unlimited with 1 giveaway per user, but are open to everybody until a set date.
    5) Supporter.
    Really simple. Just go to the upgrades tab on the navigation bar, and click 'buy' on the supporter of your choice.
    You WILL need a bank account and/or a Paypal, and it requires real money once a month. This will boost your sign-in bonus, and automatically claim your rupees even if you don't sign in.

    6) Donations
    The Empire accepts donations. Go to the overview section on the rupees tab, and adjust the slider to the price you want to pay. From there, it's just down to if you have a bank and/or a paypal account.

    Got anymore guides on how to earn rupees? Then tell me them, and i'll add them to the OP.
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