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  1. The Empire has seen many changes, and more people want to make suggestions. But not all are laid out in a correct way and sometimes are overdone.

    Mod Requests for the server

    People ask for mods for Minecraft that modify the .jar file. These will never be added as this requires a Minecraft vanilla server and then EMC would have to modify the files. Another thing people may not know is that it would then require everyone to have that mod installed. So these wont be added so please don't request these.

    Mod requests for the player

    These are things such as a minimap mod or a chat mod that modify the player but have no affect with the server. These mods must not be able to cheat for you like a minimap mod giving other player co-ords or a radar for near players. The correct layout, including the title is this:

    [Mod Request] Reis Minimap Mod
    Description: The mod adds a map into Minecraft showing local surroundings and you can set waypoints to remember where something is using co-ords
    Download: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/482147-132125-aug17-reis-minimap-v32-05/
    Version: 1.3.2

    Plugin Requests

    As the server runs Bukkit it can run plugins. Some of them can be really useful that help the whole server, some just help select people and some wont get used at all these are plugins that are doing work shown to the player others that help reduce lag or help world rendering that aren't as noticeable. So lets say you find a good plugin on the Bukkit site that could really help EMC but you must weigh up the advantages and disadvantages so I found a piston plugin that puts blocks/items/mobs in a chest but didnt think about all the disadvantages so here they are:

    Drops go in to a chest
    Blocks can too
    Useful for donations
    Reduce lag
    Stone and cobblestone gens can be set to auto massive reduced price may greatly affect the Empire

    Can be exploited
    Stone and cobblestone gens can be set to auto massive reduced price may badly affect the Empire
    The plugin maker may not update it to other versions of Bukkit

    So there they are some are bigger than others but by the looks of it the disadvantages are bigger so the plugin wasn't added. And here is how to do a plugin request:

    [Plugin Request] PistonChest
    Description: The plugin lets pistons push things into a chest
    Download: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-pistonchest-v0-5-2-pistons-push-blocks-into-chests-1060.25071/
    Version: 1.3.2

    So think carefully when making a plugin request to weigh all the odds and make the correct thread.

    Tekkit Requests

    Dont. We have 7 of them! And dont need more!!

    Thank You nfell2009

    More sections coming soon!
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