.::Guide::. How To Catch A Griefer

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  1. I've seen a few people doing this wrongly, and quite alot, recently.

    So... I'm gonna show you how to do it properly :D

    Step 1: Observe The Damage
    Walk around all of the griefed area, take screenshots etc.

    Step 2: Contact a Staff Member
    If there is one online on the server, you can type
    /tell [Staff Member Name]
    To reply to their messages, type
    @@ [Staff Member Name]
    (If you know who the griefer is, just do a /report [Player Name]. Staff will take it from there)
    If there isn't, go onto the site, scroll down the homepage until you see "Online Staff". Click one of their names and look around the UserCard for a link that says "Private Message". Create a PM title and give them a brief description of the griefing.
    Do not click 'reply'. Instead, go to imgur.com and upload your screenshots. Then, copy and paste their BBCodes (Linked or unlinked, it doesn't matter) into your message, THEN click reply.

    Step 3: Watch The Magic
    Usually, within minutes of you contacting them on the site (in-game should take a few seconds of you /telling them) they should be at the griefing site. Finding the griefer (they are no longer called players) can take a few minutes, just sit back and relax during that time. A message should come up saying:
    [Staff Name] [Perma/temp] banned [Player Name] for: [Reason]
    There. Your griefer has been caught and dealt with.

    Step 4 (Optional): Contacting the Player who owns the building.
    This is optional because
    1) It is mostly likely your building, so there's no need to contact yourself :p
    2) You might not know who the player is.
    If you do know who they are, contact them in a PM, or through their outpost's thread, and let them know the griefer has been dealt with.

    Also, please note that Staff do not give back any lost items, as to avoid you lying to get expensive items. They have no doubt in your mind you won't do this, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Please don't take it personally.


    I hope you enjoyed and I hope it works for you (which it will. It has to) :D
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  4. I eventually followed your command... 3 hours later.
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  5. Great job!
  6. Nice guide, I like it!
  7. You should add that even though staff members dont replace items they can replace spawners so that the farms will work again :)
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