Guide: Hate the wild but go wild! (with getting rupees)

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  1. If your'e people like me who always stay in town, but don't know how to earn rupees, you are in the right thread!
    This guide will help you get more rupees, without going to the wild.
    1.First, buy from shops with cheap buy prices and sell to shops with high sell prices.
    2.Next thing is to claim a res, and be sure to have good neighors!
    After you do this you need to farm wood. Jungle wood is preferrable, it is oftenly looks more expensive. Tip: get at least 4 saplings to grow a huge tree, never grow small trees, they won't wield you much. Don't forget to proccess the logs into charcoal
    3.Next thing, dig down at least 5 blocks and then dig up a space. This will be your home.
    Other than the shop and maybe games, everything (farms and home) should be underground!
    • If you have noticed, supporters residences (mostly diamond and gold ones) are very popular.
    • If you got to thier residences, you see no farms.
    • Their farms are in thier other residence.
    This doesn't mean you can't get the same effect and make your residence look professional!
    • Just make it all underground,
    • Use the RTS system (the teleportaition pads, I know most players don't know what is RTS).
    • Be professional. Know everything about the Empire Minecraft. And minecraft mechanics.
    4.Build high walls and a pyramid roof to your shop, pyramid roof requires the same amount of matierial, but make the shop look much bigger!
    5.If you don't go to the wild, you are always connected to the in-game community, be friendy, and get as much friends as you can, this will keep you happy that you will always have friends connected, and is good for your reputation.
    If you do this, it might take longer from going into the wild, but eventually, there is no limit to where you can go!
  2. Too confusing
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  3. #1 can get you banned from the huge shops.
  4. Skip step number one go straight to #2. Also use wood to make charcoal to sell
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  5. That makes no sense, why would people set up signs to sell and ban someone for selling to much?
  6. I meant the part of buying all of the cheap stuff and selling it to another shop!
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  7. Retgool, you sound like you need to go on a roadtrip. You're missing out on some adventure.

    Also, worrying about someone buying then selling to another shop is more a sign that someone hasn't researched prices or is just lazy. Even if someone finds a shop for what I sell, that shop will eventually fill and the result is that I've supplied it.
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  8. there is NOTHING in the rules about saying you can't do this. If the people ban you then they look stupid and people wont go to there shop
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  9. Buy Low sell High lol :rolleyes: i made 200k off that
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  10. Well certain shops post obvious warnings (4005 i think), so if they do that it seems fair to me. I dont agree with it, but its good to let people know that it could gappen if they decide to drain shops of rare items!
  11. Its nice when they give warning that why do not want this, but when you go and ban someone with saying why and blah blah then its completely rude
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  12. Happy for feedback!
    Lots of effort into this!
    Lol everyone posting here exept me and terr are supporters!
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  13. Up! Btw: Update, I am going to the wild occasionly
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