[GUIDE] Grief Prevention in Town

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  1. First-most and foremost, you should only ever give out flags to people you trust with your life. If someone asks for them then just say no. Just because someone asks doesn't mean you have to give flags to someone, it's always your choice. This also applies to people buying flags off you, it's never a good idea to sell them.

    The magical flags of antigriefing
    A couple of flags can help prevent your res being griefed. Not giving build out is always the best way, but if you 100% have to give it out then:
    • /res set ignite f - This will prevent anyone from setting your res on fire. If a certain person needs to be able to set fires then use /res pset [name] ignite t. This flag however doesn't put existing fires out.
    • /res set firespread f - Prevents any existing fires from spreading. However, it also stops grass from spreading too so the ignite flag is much more effective most of the time.
    • /res set lavaflow f - If lava is put down then it wont spread off the block it's placed on. Griefers cry at the sight of this.
    Who should you really trust?
    Sure, you might need to give flags out from time to time. Just remember that you also have the ability to remove them. Trusting your IRL friend with flags is generally okay, but giving them to someone you just met on EMC is not. If someone doesn't need a flag then feel free to remove it and if the person complains then are they really the sort of person you should be giving them to in the first place?
    It's your responsibility
    If you are griefed in town then you only have yourself to blame. By default no one can grief you so you basically have to give permission to the griefer. The build flag should only be given out in extreme circumstances and people with it should be watched. Don't just give a randomer build and hope they don't grief. A griefer can seem like anyone else until they start their 'job'.

    I was griefed!
    Firstly, you can only really blame yourself. You've been told how to prevent it but you just ignored the help you've been given. Okay, so in a few circumstances it's a friend that griefs you but more often than not it's you giving out flags.

    The first thing you should do is take a screenshot of the /res info screen. Trust me; this can be very useful in the future so keep it in a safe place. Here's a tip: if there's a lot of names then that's a very bad thing. The more names there then the less chance of catching the griefer. Then do /res default, resetting flags and preventing the griefer from striking again.
    If you were lucky and caught the griefer then take screenshots and forum PM them to a mod who will do the best they can to help. If you didn't get screenshots then unfortunately not much can be done. Just learn a lesson and make sure it doesn't happen again in the future.

    If you can think of any them please post any correctments, additions or amendments that should be added. It would be great if this could be added to the 'EMC Guides' section.
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  7. Swell job my good chap. Lava flow one can come in handy if trying to make something out of lava blocks.. Is there a perm for water flow also?
  8. Yes there is. :) It's 'waterflow', although just 'flow' can be used to control both at once.