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  1. Hello everybody, I made a website that shows average prices of items, creations and animals, I need your suggestions and comments to make a better site :)
    Please tell me every item price and I will put average price in website

    Here is the adress:
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  2. Nice web yigit. But it seem a little expensive and i think that cobble gen is too big and slower than the one i bought from 'thecontroller' 1000 r business class plus 2 layer upgrade.
  3. As nice as it would be to have the average prices displayed, I don't think it's doable. Not only do prices constantly change, they also vary from server to server.
  4. If I have location of Empire shop sign. I can do it :)
    My class assignment is that i was given exchange rate of currency. And that i must write program to calculate exchange rate per amount. Like enter 105 dollar and return amount in Euros.
    Make things like stock market with offer and bid
  5. Nice website so far! But yea, as Kenokam said, it's definitely a challenge to find some kind average with prices fluctuating across all servers. I was starting to log some prices in a spreadsheet and come with an average for one server, but it's still pretty daunting.

    I think after running around towns long enough, you kind a get an idea for what things are worth though. But yea, it's still nice to have some sort of rough ballpark average for a base price, especially for new players I'd think. Eventually players can adjust their prices to more or less as they see fit, after starting from a base - but therein lies the whole 'difficult to find an average, prices always changing' issue.

    Alright, done ramblin' for now. Kudos for tackling a price guide; keep it up!!
  6. I will update prices every week but I need your price suggestions, you can write every item price that you think appropriate.
  7. Price suggestions =/= Actual prices.

    If you actually want this to succeed, you need actual prices taken from actual shops. Not trying to be mean here, but anything less wouldn't be factual and by extension would be useless.
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  8. Ok then, please write your selling price :D
  9. Cobble 64 15r
    Coal 1:1
    Diamond bid 45 offer 50 (and rising)
    Gold 10
    Iron 6
    Obsodian - idk (i sell for 5)
    Wheat 16 5r (i sell 64 for 10r)
  10. Ok, I re made the prices, please suggest me some building like cobblestone generator and wheat farm to add and tell their prices, thanks :)
  11. Never seen these prices before, too expensive for my liking, but glad you put the effort into creating the site and I'm sure some of these prices are reasonable on other servers.

    Wheat's way too much :/
  12. But wheats are the hardests food to harvest, you have to plant them back. Our smp2 server is cheap but other servers are expensive, they only sell iron ingots cheaper.
  13. Really?
    Time to flood the market :D
  14. Yes I sold enderpearls 40 rupee each to a smp1 person :D
  15. Lulz
    Ima introduce them the "wheat crisis" where the eco is flooded by my wheat
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  16. Not to hard when you have an auto wheat harvester.. *COUGH COUGH nnnnmc1, you crashed my game -.-
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  17. What I hate is that diamonds are so rare on smp1 that someone decides to buy everyone out and put the price where I won't buy and no one else will buy. It's so unfair so now I go out with a friend and we spend part of our day mining for diamonds and I end up coming back with 40 diamonds. (I use fortune picks)
  18. Buy diamond from smp2, we sell it under 55 rupee
  19. I will also put enchanted stuff prices, waiting for your suggestions.
  20. The only problem about this is this website is: that now that you have a set price, someone will go 1 Rupee lower. Then someone else will go one Rupee lower that them. You see my point?