[GUIDE] Everything to know about Villager Breeding

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  1. Welcome all! This is my first guide on the empire forum but, not my first and definatley not the last ;D.

    Villagers are a interesting mob/ harmless entity. They breed much different from regular sheep/cows/chickens/etc.

    But first before I get into breeding them you must know the dangers of breeding villagers.

    Bigger is never better in breeding villagers
    -I thought this was a great idea to maximize breeding. I completely screwed myself over and almost the whole server.. (once again I'm totally sorry for that and that is why I am making this thread :D)
    -BTW I had 17 stacks of 64 villagers spawned at my lot at once (do the math 64x17=1088 villagers not counting my sheep and stuff) I only started off with like 20 and they bred over and over again into 1000+ in about 1 and a half days or so.

    Follow the first rule :D

    Breeding Villagers:

    First to breed villagers you obviously need to obtain some villager eggs. I would say about 4 to 6 to start.

    Next, You need to build a structure that the villagers will think is a village that needs to be repopulated.

    REMEMBER: you don't need that many doors for villagers to repopulate just a few. Go to a village in the wildy and see there are about 10 or so doors and there can be quite a bit of villagers in that village

    Crude drawing time:
    Block= + (dirt usually works or wood plank)
    Door= #
    Air= o
    Ground level= ---

    side view looking at ground level:


    View from sky with roof removed: 6x5 structure that is 3 tall

    After you have made your structure you need to add a fence or wall so the villagers can't get out and terrorize your residence (like that would happen :p)

    REMEMBER: villagers can't open fence gates BUT you need to make them two tall one on top of the other so that little villagers AKA:babies can't get through :D.

    TIP: I would space the fence or block wall about 2 blocks away from your "village"

    TIP: You CANNOT make your "village" underground the roof of your "village" needs to be visible to the sky so that villagers will think it is a house and not something else ;) and they wont reproduce.

    TIP: You can make your "village" double decked like a bus and it will make more villagers. I wouldn't recommend going higher than two floors because it will just look weird and it would make your residence lag a lot because there would be tons of villagers reproducing probably >_<

    - - - - - -

    Now once you have finished building your "village" put the villagers in and they will be making some babies sooner or later.

    MUST READ: Now My designs here are for educational purposes only if you change them and put them in mass scale which I said NOT TO DO I am not responsible for your residence getting reclaimed by Senior Mods and reset to default because you are lagging the system and almost crashing the server (almost happened to me).

    Everything by: me :D
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