[GUIDE] EMC's Pro Minecraft Tips

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  1. Almost every Minecrafter has picked up a "pro tip". a pro tip is something unique that a person has learned and perfected (or has come close to perfection). i what to know what your, the EMC community, pro tip is.

    My pro tip:
    Legit auto-run
    this is a simple thing to do (for me at least)
    1: press "W" or what ever you have the move forward key bound too
    2: while holding "W" press and release the "alt" key
    3: you game will appear to have been frozen, all you have to do now is to release "W" and then left click your mouse
    4: enjoy :D

    Side note:
    only works on windows (as far as i know of)
    hitting any of the movement keys (WSAD) will cancel out your auto-run
    accessing your inventory or hitting esc will also cancel out your auto-run
    auto-run won't work if you switch to another window
  2. Jack's tip: if Aikar is AFK, and giants start spawning on top of you then blame Max.
  3. Quite a simple tip: Whenever you are in the nether ALWAYS use fire resistance potions and make sure you have enough of them on you!
  4. Items falling on a slab will be sucked up by a hopper directly below the slab