[GUIDE] Drop Parties

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  1. Ok so, EMC staff does ALOT of drop parties, and we love them. I want to share some tips so you can get some drops!
    . Dont jump up and down, not only does it drop frams (i think) it makes it so that if you are in air you wont get the drop.

    . Be patient. Staff members must get items ready etc.

    Ok thats it for tips now let me tell ya'll something i saw during valentines day party.
    Ok Aikar was giving out free roses redeemable for 1000r! and everyone was getting atleast one if they were at party. The shop that you sell them to was not working so Max had to fix it. people kept on jumping in the box and getting in her way. I could tell she was becoming real mad. She repeatedly told people in red chat, "Please get out of the bedrock box!"
    No one listened. A tip of advice listen to the moderators because i heard that Max took all the people's roses who were in the box. The consequences of bad behavior will get you nothing.
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  2. Also if it involves a dispenser, don't hug the dispenser, let everyone else actually get some drops.
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  3. Very true, many players do not get items at drop parties, because people become greedy.
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  4. Of corse I miss this.......Aikar ruined the economy with this though XD